Tales From The Jazz Side

Have Podcast. Will Travel.

What better way to mix up this love of horror, my romance with fear and my undying loyalty to being a jazz musician, than to sit with friends, talk and laugh about what scares us.

GO THROUGH THE DOOR…..It’s all done in the spirit of fun!  My desire for all who listens to these conversations, is to feel like we are kindred spirits in this world and beyond. Whatever you decide to do in life, honor your life and those of others and, go for it! Create your story, design your unique adventures!


The episodes of Tales From The Jazzside Podcast, with show host Veronica Nunn.

Tales Episode 18: Sheila Jordan

Tales will be coming from vocalist Sheila Jordan. “Sheila Jordan is one of the Jazz world’s best kept secrets.”...

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Tales Episode 17: Les McCann

Les McCann, legendary musician, artist-renaissance man. He is most known for being a pianists, vocalist and composer, but not...

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Tales Episode 16: Jay Azzolina

Tales will be coming from guitarist, composer and teacher, Jay Azzolina. One of the things that I love about...

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Tales Episode 15: Buddy Williams, pt 1 & 2

Buddy Williams interview is presented in two parts. Enjoy! When I thought about how to begin this post, the...

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Tales Episode 14: Julia Blenzig

Spotlight Welcome to Tales from the Jazz Side first spotlight addition! This new segment features young musicians as they start their...

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Show Host

Vocalist songwriter Veronica has toured and performed with many of the guests that are on the show. Join her as she visits with some old (& new) friends and talk about things that frighten us…but in a good way. Visit Veronica’s website to find out more about her. www.veronicanunn.com


Theme music by Travis Shook and Veronica Nunn
Intro and Outro voiceover by Melanie Savalle Williams.
Produced, written, recorded and edited by Veronica Nunn

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Tales from the Jazzside