Tales Episode 23: Garfield Moore

Tales From the Jazz Side with cellist/composer/educator Garfield Moore.

I have known Mr. Moore for quite some time and have had the privilege to perform with him on only one occasion. And that one time, the plethora of knowledge that I gained in that interaction still sits with me today as I progress into new territories of music. Where do I start with the history of this fascinating and seasoned artist? Well, I trust this interview will provide you with some insights. I was very excited to have my long-time friend share his story with you.

African Americans are not greatly represented in the classical work. Most people do not know that there are more than 300+ Black classical composers and musicians, both deceased and alive. Mr. Moore has been one continuing the slow ever-emerging rise of African Americans breaking the barriers in classical music. Less than 2% of musicians in American orchestras are African American, according to a 2014 study by the League of American Orchestras. Only 4.3% of conductors are black, and composers remain predominantly white as well. Read this interesting 2019 blog post article from NPR – Why is Classical Music So White by Tom Huizenga.

I as well as thousands of others have had the immense privilege to experience his unique artistry. It has been written that his repertoire is vast, expansive, diverse and eclectic and I would definitely agree with that.

From the age of 13, when he premiered the Cello Concerto of the great English cellist and Composer, Colin Hampton with subsequent critically praised performances of Concertos of CPE, Bach, Boccherinin, Ibert and Dvorak straight through to include serving as Principal Cellist for the Pacific Philharmonic, the Santa Cruz Symphony, the Alvin Ailey Ballet, Opera Ebony, the Universal Chamber Orchestra, the West End Symphony and the Musical Heritage Society, these are only a few listing of Mr. Moore’s prolific and cumulative career.

I cannot think of a more appropriate, beautiful human being and phenomenal artist to expand our Tales stories into its new phase of exploration.

As with all of my guests, there is much to discover about Mr. Moore and I can’t put it all here, but you will find it on his website: Garfield Moore.

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