Tales with A View – Videocast

An expanded concept of the podcast Tales from the Jazzside combining a rich tapestry of interests and themes, creating a unique and engaging multimedia experience that bridges audio and visual storytelling

Hosted ByVeronica Nunn

Welcome to a new addition to our show, where we’ve evolved from purely audio episodes to incorporating visual episodes that dive deep into the diverse cultures of musical history, the lives of remarkable musicians, and the intricacies of artisan skills with live demonstrations. This journey is an amalgamation of my deepest passions: a love affair with horror, a lifelong romance with fear, and my undying loyalty to jazz music.

Our expansion is designed to capture the essence of sitting down with both old and new acquaintances, sharing stories, and laughing together about what frightens us, all “Through the Door.” This isn’t just about the chills and thrills; it’s about fostering a community of kindred spirits, united in our diverse interests and mutual respect for the artistic and the eerie.

This show is an invitation to create your own story, to design unique adventures and to live a life of curiosity and passion. Whatever path you choose, “Through the Door” is here to remind you to honor your journey and those you meet along the way. So, join us as we explore the intersection of horror, history, and harmony, all done in the name of fun and exploration. Let’s celebrate our shared love of the mysterious, the musical, and the magical.

Each episode is crafted in the spirit of fun, aiming to make listeners feel like part of a larger, interconnected family of artists, musicians, and storytellers. Whether we’re exploring the haunted history of a jazz legend’s most famous tunes, sitting down with artisans to discuss their craft and witness it firsthand, or sharing personal anecdotes of encounters with the unknown, the goal remains the same: to honor life and the stories that make it worth living.

As we delve into the musical history of various cultures, we aim to not only entertain but to educate and inspire. We want to show how music can serve as a bridge between worlds, connecting us with the past, present, and future. Our short biographies of influential figures aim to shine a light on the lives of those who’ve shaped our world, while our artisan skill demonstrations offer a tangible connection to the craftsmanship and dedication behind the art.

First Episode Launches June 9, 2024

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