Mark Murphy

Tales Episode 18: Sheila Jordan

Tales will be coming from vocalist Sheila Jordan. “Sheila Jordan is one of the Jazz world’s best kept secrets.” – Blue Note – With 51 + albums to her credit, how could she be the best-kept secret? People “in the know”, and what I mean by that, people who are true jazz lovers and listeners…

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Tales Episode 03: Willard Dyson

In keeping true to my celebration of 20 years with Michael, this month’s Tales from the Jazz Side guest is one of my hanging buddies while I’m out on the road with the Franks band. It’s true when they say that you can learn a lot about a person from what they do in their…

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Tales Episode 01: Michael Franks

Tales will be coming from legendary singer-songwriter Michael Franks. Although he is often referred to as a smooth jazz singer-songwriter, I find that description to not be altogether accurate. I consider him to be a jazz evolutionary singer-songwriter, whose music covers all the subtle colors and diversity that writing music is all about today. His…

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