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Tales from the Jazz Side with Buddy Williams episode #15 part 1 & 2

Tales coming to you with guest artist drummer/composer Buddy Williams, will be presented in two parts. Part one above. Part two in post write up. “Buddy Williams has got to be one of the most 10 recorded drummers of all time. Period. The resume is just ridiculous. You have to just see it to believe….

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Tales Episode 15: Buddy Williams, pt 1 & 2

Buddy Williams interview is presented in two parts. Enjoy! When I thought about how to begin this post, the first thing that came to mind was Bob Baldwin’s quote taken from Buddy Williams website. Mr.Baldwin’s statement was the most definitive and perfect in-a-nutshell quote about Buddy William’s career and artistry. “Buddy Williams has got to be one of the…

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Tales from the Jazzside